Argentinus Horse

The Holstein stallion Argentinus was born at Jacob Büther’s farm in Hollern, Stade county in Lower Saxony. His dam, Dorle, was 15 years old when this bay stallion with the characteristic flowing star and snip was born in 1980.

Narrow and elegant but a bit skinny was the way Argentinus looked at two and a half when he moved to Zuchthof Klatte in Klein Roscharden.

At the approval, the two and a half year old Argentinus presented himself so impressively that even Uwe Heckmann, an approval commissioner, got carried away with praise. Two years later, based on Argentinus’ stallion performance test and the evaluation of his first crop, he left all of his competitors far behind, ending on first place and thereby receiving the Main Premium

Argentinus proved his versatility at the 1983 stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf. With a score of 126 points, he finished third out of a group of 54 stallions. The bay stallion entered his first show as a four year old – a novice level jumping test. Argentinus and his rider, Andreas Nienaber, finished the course, taking first place. A year later, the Hanoverian collected blue ribbons in elementary level jumping tests and Argentinus also went on to collect ribbons at medium level.
In 1987, Alexandra Klatte, who now lives in Australia, sat in Argentinus’s saddle and the pair were successful in fault, style and time score jumping. Whether with Alexandra, Guido, or later with Henrik, Argentinus proved his potential at shows until he was 11 years of age, collecting around 4,000 Euros in prize money.

His willingness to perform is probably the most significant trait of this impressive stallion.

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