BSJA Affiliation

Greenacres Stud, its Horses and its Riders are all affiliated to the BSJA  in area 21

The British Show Jumping Association was formed in 1923 and is the governing body of show jumping in GB.


The BSJA like many organisations, is run by a number of sub. committees reporting to an executive committee. The association is also broken down into regions and areas, with their own Secretaries and Chairmen. The show jumping venues within each area host both BSJA Junior and Senior competitions throughout the year. As Greenacres Stud do not have involvement with any pony activities, we will only refer to the senior competitions on this page.

The BSJA oversee a number of competitions such as Age classes, Open Competitions and Handicaps, but in the main, the core classes are referred to as “Novice”, “Discovery”, “Newcomers” and “Foxhunter”. The starting heights for these classes are 0.9m, 1.00m, 1.10m, and 1.20m respectively. Novice and Discovery classes are classified as ‘progressive’ and Newcomers and Fohunter as ‘advanced’.

The basis of these competitions is that when a horse has accumulated the maximum total amount of prize money allowed in each of these classes, then the horse must progress to the next class level. ( A horse is still allowed to jump in a lower class, but only “non – competitively” i.e. no placing nor prize money, but a horse may jump in a higher class if it is wished, accumulating and being accredited with places and winnings for that higher class).

Recently, the BSJA have introduced a new category, which they have labelled as ‘ Intro’. Unlike progressive and advanced, there is no compulsion for a horse to advance out of this category ( that has a maximum height of 1.00m. ) due to its achievements. Instead, there is a  points system and an annual regional award scheme is in operation.

With regard to the prize money awarded in the ‘progressive and advanced categories, although there is only one amount actually paid, ( Actual Prize Money ), the horse is only accredited with a fixed “Notional Amount” in any one class, depending upon its placing on the day.

E.g. A horse may win a novice class where the first place prize money on the day is £40 , but only a maximum of £15 in this class is allowed to be accredited to the horse’s winnings record.

Whilst the main object of the exercise is to see a progression of the horse from a starting grade of C  and ending as a grade horse through all totalled accumulated winnings, there is another element to each class competition. A horse that can achieve “4 double clear” rounds in any one pre determined year, ( irrespective of placing on any one particular day ), competes in  the second round knockout competitions later that year  ( i.e. 4 separate opportunities allowed per horse ) to progress to the final itself.

The starting height is raised for these second round competioins. The finals themselves have recently been held at the Scope/BSJA Festival of Show Jumping  and further horses  qualify for the Horse of the Year Show in the Newcomers and Foxhunter classes only.

Judges, Associate Judges, Time Keepers and Course Designers/Builders are appointed by the Rules Committe. Appointments and re-appointments are made on January 1st. each year. As a rule, judges retire at the age of 75.

There are four categories of course builder. It is outside of the scope of this web page to name each individual competition that each category of course builder is allowed to construct. As a general guide however :

Assistant :  Adult Competitions with £50  1st. prize or less

Associate : Adult Competitions with £150 1st. prize or less

Median :     Adult Competitions with £800 1st. prize or less

Advanced : Any National Event in Great Britain of any value.

All the information contained in this web page is basic and in a simplistic form. The full reading of the BSJA Rules and Yearbook is required to appreciate all aspects of the BSJA Affiliation rules and competition regulations !

A useful feature recently added to the BSJA web site is the “Horse Search” feature. For a nominal fee, winnings and double clear round details, together with the venues and classes in which achieved, together with details of the rider on that day may be viewed and printed off.

Another feature is for the “printing off” of application forms ( both horse and rider ) as well as up to date news and details of forthcoming events etc.

Many BSJA areas now have their own web sites , but the main BSJA web site may be found at

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