Holstein Stallion – Farn

Farn was a Holsteiner stallion that was used by the Dutch to improve their sport horses, primarily their jumping horses.

He succeeded in fact by becoming number 4 in the jumping index and was actually preceded by one of his own sons, Nimmerdor. In 1978 he was awarded the “keur” predicate and in 1991 he was declared “preferent”.

He left behind many famous sons and daughters in the jumping arena and breeding shed. Besides Nimmerdor there was Fanfare, Felix, Garant (sire of Flipper), Safari, Telstar, Uddel, Ulrich, Ufarno, Amulet and Wolfgang

Farn’s famous daughters include Viola (awarded double “preferent” and double “prestatie” and dam of the stallion Topas), Oloma (preferent-prestatie), keur preferent Sakilly and Limburg, and champion Salena who produced the famous show jumpers Zargo Z and Bokilly. Many of Farn’s progeny have made their way into the International show jumping ring.

The valuable qualities that Farn bestowed on his dressage descendants were power and ability and a strong will. He is found in the pedigree of Olympic Ferro.

Farn is considered to be one of the fathers of the modern Dutch sport horse in both dressage and jumping disciplines

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