The Danish Warmblood

Today’s Danish Warmblood  horse has developed immeasurably during recent years. Native Danish horse breeds the Frederiksborg and the Spotted Knabstrup were not competitive in the equestrian disciplines of Show jumping, Dressage or 3-Day Eventing therefore necessitating the Danish to start a breeding program to develop their own competitive sport horse. The Danish Warmblood horse breed is the fruit of an exhaustive breeding program, which started in 1962. Selected Trakehner,   Hanoverian,  Holstein and Swedish Warmbloods were carefully selected to be bred with various local mares.

The resulting offspring have produced some of the greatest competitors in the above noted equestrian disciplines. The Danish Warmblood equine breed is especially competitive in the equestrian discipline of Dressage and has produced “Matador” the runner up of the 1990 World Equestrian games.

For years many international riders have achieved much success with their Danish Warmblood horses. The breed is always represented in European and World Championships as well as Olympic Games. Not to forget to mention the pride of the Danish Warmblood Stallion, Lando (DH 430 – sired by Lancier)  when he took the silver medal in Show Jumping in Sydney. In fact, at the Olympic Games in Sydney, nine nations chose to include Danish Warmblood horses in their equestrian teams. In 1999 an international jury awarded the Danish Warmblood dressage horse, “Marzog” the title as “The Best Dressage Horse of the Century”. His outstanding rider Mrs Anne Grethe Törnblad brought him to this honourable title. The couple added grace and lightness to the dressage sport and dominated the international dressage arena during the mid-1980s.
The Danish Warmblood is the largest horse breeding federation in Denmark with around 5000 members (NB, There are only approx. 5 million inhabitant in Denmark !). Throughout the year, the Society organises many activities for their members as well as trials/tests and grading. Only the top horses are approved for breeding, thus ensuring a guarantee for the best improvement and quality within the breed. H.R.H. Princess Benedikte is the patron of Dansk Varmblod. The Danish Warmblood brand, the crown over the wave, is carried by the offspring of graded parents only. For every single horse, there is an internationally recognised pedigree (Horse passport), which is an absolute guarantee of origin and identity.

Every year Danish Warmblood will hold what is known as “The Danish Warmblood’s Young Horses Championship”. This involves a variety of tests to grade 5 year old offspring of the stock of Danish Warmblood stallions and brood mares, thus giving a picture of the quality of foals they produce. The tests are stringent, including dressage and show jumping tests which scores the individual horse’s points throughout the event. The final total score will award a winner for the year as well as providing additional statistics for the bank of data held at the Danish Warmblood Secretary’s office.
The Danish Warmblood horse breed stands 15.3 – 16.3 hh is of all colours and has an attractive intelligent head, muscular back and strong legs. This is a horse with courage and good paces.

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