Trakehner Stallion – Donauwind

>Donauwind stood in both West Germany and Denmark prior to being exported to the U.S. to new owners , The Donauwind Group in 1982.    While in North America he stood at Ahrensberg Horse Farms of Canada in 1982, & 1985 – 1986.  In 1983 – 84 he stood at Yancey Farms in Roanoke, TX.

Comments from the German Trakehner Stallion Book:

Very high quality, with very good breed and stallion type; good, proudly carried neck, clean overall impression; very well-balanced and harmonious in all parts of his body; quite strong and correct in his foundation; good mover.  One of the best progenitors of the post-war time; equally good in producing broodmares and stallions.   His get have pleasant dispositions and are easy to ride. 


ATA Approved Sons:

Abdullah (deceased)
Blitzwind (deceased)
Target (deceased)

      European Approved Sons:

   Amateur I (FRG)
Amateur II (FRG)
Athlet (FRG)
Cannabis (DEN)
Cornelius (FRG)
Downlands Isolan (GB)
Fabian (FRG)
Incitatus (FRG)
Liberius (FRG)
Lucado (FRG)
Mark (FRG)
Matador (FRG)
Tannensee (FRG)


ATA Honor Roll Daughters:

Famose II
Farina X
Indra V

Donauwind passed away in April 25th 1986

  Donauwind          Reg No. OSB-E-S190      Male

               Born : Feb 9th 1965
               Colour : Brown
     Breeder ; Curt Krebs


                Tropenwald   Termit
                   Peraea  Hirtensang

Donaulied vom Shimmelhof

                   Boris   Gabriel
      Donau vom Shimmelhof   Hansakapitan

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